Welcome to MahoganyMommy – where the colorful experiences of motherhood are truly CELEBRATED! I’m Juliette,  and I often feel like 007 with a minivan.  I assume multiple identities on any given day – daughter, sister, wife, friend, writer, bug slayer, pseudo media professional, Disney lover and once upon a time fashionista trying to get her groove back…but my most cherished role is Mommy to my amazing four children.

I’m a former CNN producer/freelance reporter and the idea for MahoganyMommy came to life years ago while daydreaming at the news-desk. Motherhood has been the greatest gift in my life, forever connecting me to a divine sisterhood united by a common bond…sometimes called mayhem. In this tribe you’re familiar with sippy cups and don’t dare leave the house without stuffed snack bags, treats,  and something electronic to help pass the time. Above all, you treasure peace and quiet by all means!

Mommy is the new GLAM, and I’m excited to see increasing diversity in mainstream media.  While my narrative is from the lens that I see the world as mom of color…this website/blog welcomes all mothers of all ethnicities and nationalities because motherhood is colorful and these experiences should be celebrated!

MahoganyMommy gives voice to the colorful experiences of motherhood celebrating the joys and challenges of the toughest and most rewarding job on the planet. With an 10, 8 and 4 year-old twins and fur-baby at home, my experiences of motherhood are wildly COLORFUL! Read more about my monsters here.

As I mentioned I’m a dreamer…I tend to see the world of possibility. My nemesis is TIME…I always need 10 more minutes. Downtime? I haven’t yet discovered that fantasy, there’s always someone to feed, laundry, hair to comb, homework to help with, shuttle service to baseball-gymnastics-playgroup, referee the she/he squabbles, join spontaneous lip sync-dance sessions, fit in something from the Disney Channel…more laundry! Fighting words, “What’s for lunch?” asked by anyone especially the Hubs on the weekend!

ABOVE all I’m imperfectly real! Each and every day is a time crunched disaster waiting to happen filled with unpredictable bouts of giggles, smiles, hugs, tantrums, BOLD defiance, time-outs, threats, some yelling (OK a lot of yelling…I’m out numbered) but there’s always love ♥ I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and I’d love to hear your experiences on this cherished, challenging, COLORFUL journey called motherhood.

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