Meet My Monsters

Yes! I call my babies “Monsters” kinda like Sesame Street it’s all love! People ask me all the time what it’s like having two plus twins…put simply, it’s like living with Gremlins! gremlin1Sure they’re super cute but you know they’re mischievous!

Hubs wasn’t comfortable with the Monsters’ real names being all over the internet so each has an appropriate screen name that describes their personality.


About kids Collage 2

*Tech – Our oldest 9 years old. Part Bob the Builder mad scientist/engineer he’s the resident tech expert on all things electronic or gadget.

*Shyne – 7 years old. She is my sweet girly diva girl. Beautiful inside and out she’s like happy sunshine all the time.

*Chase – 3 year old twinner. He is ALWAYS on the move! He ran out of the womb 2 minutes ahead of little sis.

*Ladybug-Girl – 3 year old twinner. She is our little lady and absolute joy. Twin brother calls her Girl…must have started in the womb!